Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning is about

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At its simplest, blended learning is an integration of classroom face-to-face with on-line learning experiences.

Our Model

Contemporary Learning Spaces

Our innovative Learning Commons meets learners' needs with individual, collaborative and presentation spaces named: Pitch!, Make!, Collaborate!, and Present!. The space is flexible and beyond the design of the traditional school classroom, reflecting a space where students construct their learning.

Blended Learning Academics

SAIL is a blended interdisciplinary school where students learn through inquiry and project based learning using a variety of digital tools. Educational research indicates that students learn best when independent learning is deepened by face-to-face instruction.

Inquiry & Project Based Learning

Students focus on inquiry and project based learning, through an interdisciplinary program. Students explore real world topics that foster independent learning and critical thought.

  • BC Curriculum
    Engaging students through inquiry, project based learning
  • Deeper Learning
    Flexible approach, interdisciplinary & disciplinary
  • Learning Process
    Students become aware of their own learning
  • Ongoing Assessment
    Accessible, shared, descriptive feedback


Sail's Makerspace, Make!, offers a space for students to create, invent and tinker through a creative synergy of tools at all levels of expertise. Students have access to tools such as 3D printers, iPads and robotics to deepen their learning and explore real world topics that foster independent learning and critical thought.

Our curriculum offers students the opportunity to imagine, design, make prototypes and explore along-side like-minded students.

Lighting the Way

Students learn face-to-face in a blended learning model at SAIL that is enhanced by online experiences at home. Teachers facilitate group and individual student learning in interdisciplinary teams. Through inquiry and project based learning, students reflect on their learning and deepen their understanding of big ideas. We continuously challenge their learning. Students meet the BC Educational Core Competencies for each subject.