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I’m Back!

Well I am back blogging on my Be Principaled blog. My Last blog was November 2013! There are many reasons for the lack of blogging production over the years. The main reason was a lack of time.

With a principal’s daily schedule, little time is a legitimate reason not to blog and I am sure many of my high school principal colleagues would agree that these reasons are why they are not blogging, and parents do not read blogs.

Too Many ideas not enough time So why am I back? While at my previous high school I used this blog to share some of the major educational changes that were going on in the school over the years. I also used it as a messaging system to my school community. I always felt that I had more to share and that I should be blogging on a more regular basis. My previous school was moving in amazing educational directions and I wanted to share my learning more globally, but it was a onerous task just to keep my school community informed.

I enjoy creating and leading educational change in my high schools. I have done it many times now. This latest assignment has been unique. I have been part of two new high school start-ups and rebranded and changed the culture in my pervious high school. I did this with staff, parent, and student support.

My task with this educational assignment was to move to the second floor of our “new state of the art” School Board Office and reconstruct a failing public online K – 12 school. This micro blog (short blogs) will give some insight on how the Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning, an educational start-up, journey is unfolding.

I have plenty of topics, still not a lot of extra time. I do feel it is important that I share my learning with both my parents and educational colleagues on this unique journey, as I am sure many of you have children in schools that are starting to implement some of these education initiatives.  Or you may be a colleague attempting similar pedagogical and/or learning environment changes within your school. So my time blogging, is time well spent.

So stay tuned for our very unique story of the Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning and some interesting pedagogical changes. It is our hope that you can call on our experiences and tie them to your school’s unique situation.learn-share-cross

It is also our hope that you will be able to join our conversation and share your learning as you attempt to implement the various pedagogical changes in your educational community.

A standard feature of Beprincipaled will be to give a guiding principles of the blog and to ask questions of those few of you that read this. These questions will help generate more discussion and future blogs for all of us.

Guiding Principle:

Sharing your learning is a good thing and does not have to be time consuming.

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Reflection Question(s) (respond in comments):

  1. How do you share your learning?
  2. What is the greatest concern with the new educational directions for your child/students?