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Thank You!

As we wind down the school year here at the Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning, I want to thank all of those who contributed to our successful inaugural school year. The often used quote; “It takes a village to raise a child,” is equally valid to grow a new school.It Takes A Village To Raise A Child

There are many indicators that the Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning (SAIL) has had a very successful inaugural year. Our success can only be attributed to the learning community to which it serves.

bc-ed-logoSAIL is a “Distributed Learning (DL)” school, which means it is a blended learning and online school that follows specific provincial Ministry of Education regulations and policies. I have enjoyed spending the last two years getting to know my DL colleagues and Ministry officials. Without their ongoing support and guidance, SAIL would not have had a successful inaugural year.

Throughout the last two years, I have worked closely with our school district’s Human Resource Department, specifically Ray Prosser, and the Surrey Teachers Association to ensure that our teachers, past and present, sta logohave been treated fairly and equitably. The Surrey Teachers Association has been outstanding in its support of our new initiative, and we appreciate the cooperation that we have enjoyed over last two years. It has not been easy to describe what a STEAM and STEM program is since we did not exactly know ourselves. Surrey Teachers Association’s patients and support have been outstanding throughout these last two years while we develop our programs within our new school.

I mentioned our Senior Management support in a previous blog. Their ongoing support is an integral part of the success we have achieved over the last year. On behalf of our school community, thank you to Jordan Tinney, and his senior management team for giving us the freedom to create and innovate.

parentteacher-300x297Our school community consists of our staff, students, and parents. Firstly, I would like to thank our parents, or taking a huge leap of faith in our new school initiative. SAIL is a public school choice program and without our parents selecting our school, we would not have had the success over the last school year. It has been the parent’s patients and understanding of the teaching methods that we are trying to incorporate on a daily basis, as well as our parent’s ongoing support of our teaching staff, that has made this a remarkable year. Without our parents choosing our school, we would have no school. Thank you for your ongoing support, it is appreciated!

Picture1Our students have been exceptional this year. From our primary students to our junior high school students, it has been a pleasure to watch them grow, learn, and enjoy the process of inquiry learning. At our first ever celebration night, many students were awarded various certificates and awards for their efforts throughout the year. Every student in our program could have received acknowledgment for his or her efforts and unique abilities. Thank you to all of our students for choosing our school, supporting our teachers, and taking responsibility for your individual learning!

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank our teaching staff for the outstanding job of Thank you teachersdeveloping our core programs, unpacking our new curriculum, and teaching our students in a new way. Our teachers have done a phenomenal job of collaborating and sharing their learning with each other within our school, school district, and other teachers and administrators from all over North America and even Lima, Peru.

We look forward to a restful summer and another exciting year starting in September at the Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning. Next school year promises to be an even better year as we will continue to grow and develop our programs and academies and continue to share our learning.

Have a safe, restful, and relaxing summer!

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