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Howdy SAIL students!


As you know, we’re all living in a technology-dominated world. From Macs to PCs (let’s not argue), Overwatch to Fortnite, and cell phones to fitbits, electronic devices are everywhere. But we’re also living in a resource-depleting world, where important materials are running out.

The perfect solution? An e-drive! An e-drive is just like a bottle drive, except with electronic devices. You can bring old personal laptops or phones, medical control devices, and even battery-powered toys! To see the complete list of accepted items, please visit We’ll have a box out for any items you return, and our team handy as well!

The e-drive will run from tomorrow, Monday, April 30, to Friday, May 11. Two whole weeks for you lads to give the planet a little love! If you have any questions, please contact any of the executives below.

We look forward to seeing some good ol’ recycling to help the Earth out and hopefully, all of you can contribute positively to the cause! <3


SAIL Leadership


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