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Status update on DL courses at SAIL

Memo to our DL Students and Parents and/or Guardians,

Over the past week, we have received many calls asking about the status of our online courses.

Please know that after Spring Break, all our DL teachers will be working online to support our DL students.  We will not be continuing with visiting teachers and in-school supports. In addition, as of right now, all in-person assessments and appointments will be suspended until further notice. Information about future exam invigilation will be posted after Spring Break.

The Surrey School District is currently working with the Ministry of Education to devise a plan of support for all students in Surrey.  Cross enrolled students should not be withdrawing from their regular schools with the intent of doing all of their courses online at SAIL.  Please wait for information to come out from the school district that outlines a plan of support for all Surrey Students.

If you have questions about your current courses please go through your DL teacher, if you have general questions about SAIL please contact us through email. Please do not call us directly at SAIL.