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Continuity of Learning at SAIL

Dear SAIL Students & Parents and/or Guardians,
To help maintain our continuity of learning at SAIL, our teachers will be reaching out to you to ensure you are well prepared to continue your education through our online process. Please ensure you check Email, Moodle and/or Teams on a daily basis in order to stay updated.
Unfortunately, for the time being, all face to face instruction and invigilation of exams has been suspended. Our teachers are in discussion this week on the best way to move forward with assessments in preparation for report cards. Further to this, those students who want to visit the school to retrieve essential belongings, resources, and supplies, cannot do so at this point.  Our staff are currently working on a plan to allow students to come in and pick up anything left at the school before Spring Break.  Our plan will ensure the safety of staff, students and families.  We will be communicating this information once our plans are finalized.  At this time students and parents are asked to not come to school for any reason.
As you work through your course(s), please remember that you have one year from the time you complete your activation assignment to complete the course.  Of course we want you to set target dates for completion, but know that if you miss your target date, you can always renew your date within that one (1) year period. Please be mindful that if you are a COMPASS 8 or 9 student there is an expectation that you complete your courses by the end of this school year.
Please know that in these unprecedented times, we will strive to do our best to support all our students and families. Please keep in mind circumstances and expectations may change as we go along this unique journey.  If at any time you have a question or concern, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your teacher or administrator.
We know our students, staff, and families are resilient and I am confident we will work together to successfully get through these challenging times.
Take Care and Stay healthy.