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October 13 – Questions & Answers with Dr. Ingrid Tyler

Click HERE for a Questions & Answers session with Dr. Ingrid Tyler

Table of Contents:

  1. Is school safe for my children? (0:13)
  2. When my school issues a notification letter from Fraser Health, what does that mean? (1:54)
  3. Do you think our district should be doing something different to keep students safe? (4:52)
  4. Why are teachers exempt from mandatory PPE? (6:26)
  5. Why are PPE guidelines different for school settings compared to healthcare settings? (8:06)
  6. If a student has to self- isolate, why don’t his/her siblings have to self self-isolate as well? (9:09)
  7. Why don’t we take student temperatures every morning before students come into a school? (11:51)
  8. When Fraser Health conducts contract tracing, are you reaching out to young children to find out who they were in contact with? Is this information reliable? (13:58)
  9. What is being done to address the practical reality that contract tracing can be a difficult task that is subject to recall bias and gaps? (16:20)
  10. When a student tests positive why doesn’t Fraser Health ask adults that work with that student to ensure contract tracing is accurate? (19:17)
  11. Why is a confirmed case in schools identified as an exposure but in healthcare it would already be an outbreak? Why the difference? (22:40)
  12. How do you actually determine an exposure date? Is it the day someone attends when they started showing symptoms or do you take into account other days that someone could have been contagious? (25:57)
  13. If our household includes an individual who is immunocompromised or elderly, and our school has an exposure, should I keep my child at home? (28:14)
  14. In some cases the exposure dates occurred a few days ago. Why aren’t we notified sooner of an exposure? (31:44)
  15. Is it unlikely that we would hear of an exposure immediately after it occurs? (34:54)
  16. I’m confused about which symptoms I should monitor for my child? There seems to be two different lists of symptoms. What symptoms should I be looking for? (38:05)