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Message for full time SAIL Grade 12 students

As we move into December it’s a good time to remember that we are nearing the midway point in the school year. This is especially important for our full time Grade 12 students who plan to graduate in June 2021.
By now, students following a quarter system schedule of classes should have completed their first quarter (Q1) classes and be well along in their Q2 courses. Students following a semester timetable should be well into their first four classes of the year, looking to completing them by the end of January.
Additionally, all post-secondary institutes are now accepting applications, and deadlines are fast approaching. If you are planning to study at a college or university after you graduate, make certain that you review the information posted on their admissions websites so you don’t miss any deadlines.
If you have any questions about your graduation status, post-secondary applications, or anything else pertaining to your grad year, please contact our counsellor Mr Sturn at sturn_dana@surreyschools