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International Travel Regulations

Now that the U.S. border is open for non-essential travel, parents and students are reminded that international travel – by land, air or sea – presents restrictions around school attendance for unvaccinated and partially vaccinated students upon return.

Students who are not fully vaccinated CANNOT attend school for 14 days following their return, according to federal travel guidance around COVID-19.

While there are some quarantine exemptions for unvaccinated children accompanied by fully vaccinated adults, there is no exemption to allow unvaccinated or partially vaccinated students to return to school within 14 days following international travel, regardless of who they travel with or if they received a negative PCR test result.

In addition to school, students who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated cannot attend the following for 14 days after international travel:

    • day cares and camps
    • settings with vulnerable people (i.e. long-term care facilities)
    • large crowded indoor or outdoor settings (i.e. amusement parks, sporting events)
    • crowded public transportation that does not ensure physical distancing and masking


If you decide to travel internationally during the school year, please coordinate with your teacher and school beforehand to ensure your child stays on top of schoolwork while they are away and for the 14 days following their return.

Unvaccinated children returning from travel must also limit contact with others for 14 days, especially those who have underlying medical conditions, compromised immune systems or are 65 and older. Returning travellers ages five and up must also take a COVID-19 molecular test, monitor their health and watch for symptoms related to COVID-19.

Fully vaccinated students can return to school immediately after returning from international travel, as long as they have a negative PCR test and their second vaccination was at least two weeks prior to their return.

For more information on federal guidance and restrictions, visit For information on provincial measures, visit or call 811.