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National Grade 9 Take Your Kids To Work Day

Grade 9 students are being invited to participate in the National Take Our Kids to Work Day, on Wednesday, November 2, 2022.  

We hope that every parent or guardian of a Grade 9 student will allow their child to accompany them to work on this day. If you are not able to host your child at your workplace, we hope you will assist in arranging an alternate placement with another adult, such as an aunt or uncle, other relative or friend, etc.

The experience will give your child several opportunities:

  • To observe the workplace by job shadowing an adult
  • To gain respect for the contributions people make to the workplace
  • To strengthen the bonds among parents, students and the community
  • To discover, in a practical way, the links between education and their own futures


If you are unable to have your child observe at your workplace, please have a close relative or friend act as a workplace sponsor. We also encourage students and their parents to network to help find a placement that is an area of interest to the student.

Here are some pointers for getting started in the process of securing a placement or host site for the day:

  • Talk with your supervisor, employer, or union representative. Tell him or her that your child will come to work on the national Take Our Kids to Work Day, which occurs on Wednesday, November 2, 2022. Be sure to inform the supervisor or employer that this educational experience is an observational experience only. AT NO TIME WILL STUDENTS ENGAGE IN HANDS-ON ACTIVITY WHILE ON THE WORKSITE
  • Invite your Grade 9 child to accompany you to work for the Explain that you want them to see where you work, meet the people you work with, and see the kinds of jobs available in your workplace.
  • Talk to your co-workers; perhaps they will be interested in helping or will sponsor your child’s friend.
  • If you do not have a workplace that is suitable for an experience like this, ask a relative or friend to take your child to work for a day. Perhaps you know someone who works in the field that your child is interested in and who would host them for one
  • Talk to your child about work. Tell them how you prepared for the job you have today. Discuss the demands and the rewards of your job and answer questions that your child may have about your

Thank you for your support in this very worthwhile experience.