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Protecting Surrey Schools Together

The PSST (Protecting Surrey Schools Together), facilitated through Safe Schools department, provides Surrey School District members a tool to support with information and reporting related to issues that impacts student, school or community safety. Information provided on this site includes the following topics: bullying, drugs, self-harm, online safety, SOGI, discrimination, gangs and healthy relationships. Additionally, the sites provides a reporting tool, allowing students and families to report on any issue that impacts student safety, whether that be at school, in the home, community or online. Visit

Facts about reporting through PSST:

  • Reports can be made anonymously
  • All reports go straight to the Safe Schools department and are acted upon within 24 hours, though most within the first few hours
  • Users have the option to upload content on a report (picture or video)
  • 130 reports have been received thus far in the 2022-23 school year, supporting with themes such as bullying, self-harm, weapons, discrimination and drugs