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SAIL Counselling Update September 2023

Now that autumn is here, students planning to attend college or university next year should be beginning the application process. Post-secondary institutions should now have all of their important dates and deadlines listed on their admissions websites, and you should review them early to avoid unnecessary stress caused by a last minute scramble to submit your applications.

Here is the latest admissions information from UBC (click on the link and then scroll down to see important dates for students applying this fall):

And here is SFU:

Please note that it is extremely important that you plan your year carefully, and make certain to meet admissions deadlines, as post-secondary institutions rarely offer extensions. This includes ensuring that you are keeping up with your studies in your online courses, and meeting the post-secondary deadlines for both interim and final grades. Leaving things until the last minute will result in you not having interim or final grades in time to meet these deadlines. Please check in with your teachers about this if you have any questions about interim or final marks timelines.

If you are a full time SAIL COMPASS student and you have any questions about your post-secondary applications, please book a telephone counselling appointment with our counsellor Mr Sturn using this link: