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Achieving Success Online

A successful Online Learner is Motivation, Connected, & Persistent. Online learning is different than traditional face-to-face learning. There is both a physical separation and a social gap between students and teachers. Setting timelines and having frequent communication with instructors and is key to success.

Our Instructors:

  • Deliver, monitor, and evaluate student work.
  • Ensure the quality and integrity of their courses.
  • Maintain open communication channels with parents and students.
  • Respond to student/parent communications in a timely manner.
  • Review teaching practices and strategies, seeking innovative ways to increase student achievement.

Successful Online Learners are:

  • Self-motivated & Goal Oriented.
  • Great Time Managers.
  • Set personal goals and have realistic timelines.
  • Visual learners.
  • Computer literate.
  • Complete coursework, assignments, tests, etc. in a timely manner.
  • Log in to the course on a regular basis and make continuous progress in the coursework.
  • Maintain contact with their instructor and keep active in the course.
  • Become familiar with all the structures of their online course.
  • Adhere to the School Code of Conduct and Academic Integrity policy.