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Be Principaled A Micro Blog for Transformative Education

By Peter Johnston

It is an exciting educational opportunity to create an entirely different perspective on the teaching and learning process in the public Surrey School District. Moving from being the Principal of Earl Marriott Secondary, which was the largest secondary school in Surrey School District, to rethinking and redesigning one of the largest online K-12 schools has been a unique educational leadership opportunity.

I find myself reflecting on my 24 years of experience as a public school teacher and administrator in British Columbia. I started my administrative career in 1995 at Tamanawis Secondary and then moved on to help build a new school called Fraser Heights Secondary School.

the-7-habits-of-highly-effective-people-121027090717-phpapp01-thumbnail-4In 2001 I moved on from Fraser Heights and took a leave from the Surrey School District to become the Director of Educational Training for Franklin Covey Canada (Premier School Agendas). As the Leader of the Training Division for Franklin Covey Canada I have trained, and conducted workshops at high schools, school districts, and educational conferences across Canada and the United States. I attempted to bring an educational perspective to Dr Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of High Effective People.

I was then asked to take on the position of Director of Marketing, for North American Markets (Secondary) for Premier Agendas, A School Specialty Company. I was asked to lead the writing and producing of video content for the secondary school planners that are used in many high schools throughout North America. I worked extensively with schools and school districts throughout the United States and Canada.

I was then asked to lead a start-up teacher professional development company called Educator’s Symposium, for School Specialty. However, after 4.5 years in the private sector, I returned to my real passion. In 2006 I rejoined the Surrey School District, first at Sullivan Heights Secondary, and then at Earl Marriott Secondary.

As the principal of a large Blended Learning School, I am faced with educational issues that impact students, teachers, and parents on a daily basis (sometimes hourly). The purpose of this microblog is to bring some insight, perspective, and context to the decision-making processes that are using to create a new paradigm in public education.

I hope you find it informative.

Peter Johnston,

Principal, Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning K – 12

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