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Be Principaled is a micro blog that explores educational issues from a practical and ethical perspective.

Its purpose is to give quick context and perspective on how decisions are made in the principal’s office at the new public school start-up of the Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning (K – 12) in Surrey BC. The micro blog’s focus will discuss the implementation of Principle-Centered-Principalling.

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Baby Steps

“To survive the changes along the way it will demand that you be resilient, flexible, open to learning, innovative, confident, optimistic, and all the while devoid of stress to maintain your energy for the long haul.” – Marcus Buckingham -First Get Good–Then Get Better –…

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Rising To the Challenge

Your school is facing new curriculum changes that incorporates new progressive educational changes. Your faculty is wondering how these new curriculum changes are going to be implemented. Worse, there is declining enrolment and forced transfers of both young and veteran teachers. I have inherited this scenario. The…

I’m Back!

Well I am back blogging on my Be Principaled blog. My Last blog was November 2013! There are many reasons for the lack of blogging production over the years. The main reason was a lack of time. With a principal’s daily schedule, little time is…