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Be Principaled is a micro blog that explores educational issues from a practical and ethical perspective.

Its purpose is to give quick context and perspective on how decisions are made in the principal’s office at the new public school start-up of the Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning (K – 12) in Surrey BC. The micro blog’s focus will discuss the implementation of Principle-Centered-Principalling.

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Many of you in our Earl Marriott Secondary community may have given your child an electronic device to help them with their schoolwork.  You may be asking the following questions; should they bring them to school?  Will they work at school?  Is there Internet connection…

Assessment @ High School

Assessment @ Earl Marriott Secondary It’s time to talk about grades, grading and report cards openly, if we haven’t before, questioning assumptions, embracing alternatives, and focusing on the promise of what teaching and learning can be. How we interpret and implement grading practices has a…

The Principal

Effective principals attack incoherence. — Bryk et al 1998 Definition of PRINCIPAL 1: most important, consequential, or influential: chief <the principal ingredient> Webster’s online Dictionary Being a Principal is Awesome! I would like to give our Earl Marriott Secondary community some insight into the role…