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Be Principaled A Micro Blog for Transformative Education

Be Principaled is a micro blog that explores educational issues from a practical and ethical perspective.

Its purpose is to give quick context and perspective on how decisions are made in the principal’s office at the new public school start-up of the Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning (K – 12) in Surrey BC. The micro blog’s focus will discuss the implementation of Principle-Centered-Principalling.

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The Principal

Effective principals attack incoherence. — Bryk et al 1998 Definition of PRINCIPAL 1: most important, consequential, or influential: chief <the principal ingredient> Webster’s online Dictionary Being a Principal is Awesome! I would like to give our Earl Marriott Secondary community some insight into the role…


Principle Centered Decision Making at Earl Marriott Secondary I am excited by the opportunity to bring a unique blog to Earl Marriott Secondary (EMS) and Surrey Schools. As I enter my 5th year we are proud of the substantial progress that we have made as…

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