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Grade 12


To complete Grade 12, students will need the following courses:

English Studies 12 (including the Grade 12 Literacy Assessment)

Career and Life Connections 12

3 Additional Grade 12 level subjects

An indigenous-focused course in grade 10, 11 or 12 (note that if you have not met the new indigenous-focused course graduation requirement, we recommend you consider taking English First Peoples 12 in place of English Studies 12, or BC First Peoples 12 which is a Social Studies course)

These are the MINIMUM requirements. Many Grade 12 students will take more than these minimum required courses in order to meet university entrance requirements or to prepare for further training in a field of their interest.

At SAIL, students are able to work at their own pace to complete their schooling on timelines that may be different than they would experience at a mainstream school. Please speak with our counsellor Mr Sturn (see below) to plan course and grade completion goals that work best for you!

Literacy and Numeracy Exams:

The Literacy 10, Numeracy 10, and Literacy 12 Exams ARE NOT part of your grade 10 English, Grade 10 Math or Grade 12 English courses. These are separate exams that happen 4 times each year. YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THESE EXAMS AND YOU MUST TAKE THEM HERE AT SAIL. All SAIL full time students will receive an email one month prior to each examination session with information about how to register. Please watch your email inbox for this important information. Also be sure to download and use the SAIL2go app. Please contact our vice principal Mr Cowan at for more information.

Student Transcript Service: The British Columbia Ministry of Education offers a service to students, allowing you to order, download and send your transcripts to various universities and other post-secondary institutions. Here’s the link where you can access this service:

PLEASE NOTE #1: some universities have early course completion deadlines for online courses (typically January of your Grade 12 year), or interim marks deadlines (typically mid-March or mid-April of your Grade 12 year), so you should carefully review the admissions information on university websites when planning your courses.

If you will be requiring an interim mark or final mark outside of SAIL’s regularly occurring report card timelines to support your post-secondary applications, you must discuss this with your teacher well in advance of your deadline to establish a timeline for you to complete and submit your work. Non-instructional days and vacation periods (such as Winter Break and Spring Break) may impact these timelines, which is why you must speak with your teachers. As part of this discussion, you will need to provide your teacher with documentation supporting your request (such as an email from a post-secondary admissions office, or a screen capture from a post-secondary admissions website). All coursework and documentation supporting your request must be submitted to your teacher no later than three weeks from your midterm marks deadline. Because of the time required for marking and processing your request, extensions will not be granted. Please note that SAIL will not report an interim mark that does not represent at least 50% of your coursework and required exams.

PLEASE NOTE #2: If you are joining us as a full time student in September, and if you would like some guidance in making your online Grade 12 course selections (highly recommended!), please book an appointment with our counsellor Mr Sturn. This appointment is especially important if you are planning to graduate in June!

If you are joining us as a full time student after September, we will assume that you have already planned your school year and discussed your graduation plans and timelines with your previous high school counsellor. We still recommend that you make an appointment with Mr Sturn to review your graduation plan.

PLEASE NOTE #4:  it is your responsibility to make certain you are taking the proper courses to meet your graduation requirements and any requirements you may have for any studies you plan to take after high school. If you have any questions, please book an appointment with Mr Sturn!

Mr Sturn’s Appointment Booking Calendar: