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Application Packages for STEAM-X 3 Yr Accelerated Program are now being accepted! Click for more details.

STEAM-X  is an accelerated program specifically designed for gifted students to become adequately prepared for university rigor and university life in three years.  Students wishing to study in the STEAM-X program must complete the registration form first, found at:  then complete the application package. More information on the…

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PAC Meeting Minutes – February 20, 2018

Please note information about how the structure of the SAIL PAC will be changing, and also that PAC executive positions will be open for the fall. Parents may self-nominate. More information to follow. The next meeting will be on April 24th. SAIL PAC Meeting Minutes…

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Upcoming Math Contests

If you interested in writing a Canada wide Math contest exam to compete against other math students across the country please contact Mr. O. Bahia at SAIL ( to become registered.  Please see attachment for more info: Math Contests 2018

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