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The SAIL’s Academy STEAM program explores the STEM curriculum through the lens of the arts and design. Students develop a designer and maker mindset through a Makerspace – a creative synergy of tools and projects at all levels of expertise. Through inquiry and project based learning, in an interdisciplinary program, students explore real world topics that foster independent learning and critical thought.

The program combines 4 days of face-to-face interdisciplinary instruction with two days of supported online learning at home. Surrey School District’s SAIL’s STEAM program is free and is fully accredited by the BC Ministry of Education and offers an alternative educational program compared to a traditional high school.

SAIL’s STEAM program begins in September.  Attached is the Academies Handbook 2018-2019

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SAIL’s STEAM program gives students an advantage

By engaging your child’s inherent passion for learning, the Sail Academy’s STEAM program encourages learning that develops creative thought, independence and critical thinking along side like-minded students. Students imagine, design, prototype, redesign and repeat.

Sail Academy’s STEAM program embraces the idea that every child is unique and learns in his or her own way. Your child will explore their passions and develop strong social, emotional, and cognitive skills to help them become highly successful adults and prepare them for success in the ever-changing local and global workplace.

Why choose STEAM?

  1. Students who have a passion for how STEAM shapes their world.
  2. Learning is engaging, motivating, and stimulates curiosity.
  3. Students solve real world problems using a designer mindset.
  4. Students learn through inquiry, experimentation, and reflection.
  5. Students think creatively and critically.
  6. Students learn in an open collaborative environment.
  7. Students have opportunity to share their learning with an authentic and global audience.

Cohort size

Depending on enrolment cohort size will be 20-25 students.

There will be two BC Certified public school teachers assigned to each cohort. Plus support teachers in specialized areas.


4 days a week of face-to-face interdisciplinary instruction.


  • Paced
  • Content accessible anywhere
  • Teacher Support Monday to Friday

STEAM program costs

No cost registration open to Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents residing in the Lower Mainland, whom are accepted into the program. Students are strongly encouraged to have their own learning devices and computer access with an Internet connection. Individual course enhancement costs may be requested based on program needs. (Please contact an administrator if there is a financial hardship.)

What type of student would enjoy STEAM?

If your child has a keen interest in how things work, problem solving, or creating things, our STEAM program may be a natural choice. SAIL Academy’s STEAM program caters to all kinds of learners who appreciate the hands-on nature of the curricula combined with online learning and flexible hours. Students will be taught how to manage their time while they learn independently and in groups.

Why you might consider SAIL academy?

Currently, jobs in STEAM are growing faster than jobs in non-STEAM related occupations. Many postsecondary institutions and employers are seeking learners with diverse skill sets. SAIL’s STEAM program helps young people to gain the necessary skills to succeed in all careers. Students learn by face-to-face instruction and online with digital content that allows student choice and voice.

The STEAM Program Content

Students receive credits for the following BC Curricular Courses…

  • Science 8
  • Mathematics 8
  • English 8
  • Social Studies 8
  • Art 8
  • Applied Skills 8
  • Information Technology 8
  • Physical Education 8
  • HACE 8
  • French 8 (non interdisciplinary)