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Our STEAM K-7 program focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics to prepare K to 7 students for a rapidly changing world. The SAIL Academy’s STEAM program offers a special focus on developing independent learners, critical thinkers, collaborators, innovators and contributors. In this interdisciplinary program, students learn through inquiry and project based learning.


Each January, there is an Information Session where we share details of STEAM K-7, what the process is to apply, and describe attributes that make for a successful STEAM student. Please visit the website closer to January for more information. The Expression of Interest for STEAM K-7 closes mid- February and then does not open again until the following January. Applicants are asked to re-apply each year.

STEAM K-7 Program Costs

There are no registration fees for students accepted into the program. STEAM is a Surrey School District program, which is fully accredited by the BC Ministry of Education. Students must be Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents residing within the Surrey School District.

STEAM Bridges School and Home for Kindergarten to Grade 7

The SAIL Academy guides its instruction through project-based learning, which uses elements of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math), to help broaden all subject areas of the BC curriculum and encourage independent and collaborative learning. Students develop a designer and maker mindset through a variety of collaborative and individual learning experiences. Learning takes place in a collaborative environment that fosters engagement, inquiry, and experimentation

Students are grouped in multi-age cohorts. These cohorts usually consist of students grouped within three to four grade levels (For example, Kindergarten – Grade 3; Grade 4 – Grade 7).  Students learn and collaborate in their classrooms with their teacher(s) at Brookside Elementary four days per week, Monday – Thursday. On Fridays, we offer a unique opportunity for parents to take an active role in their child’s education. Each Friday, students learn through Home Learning assignments provided by their teacher(s) and are supported at home by their parent(s)/guardian(s).  Throughout the week, parents also spend additional time building on students’ reading, writing, and basic computational numeracy skills at home.

Cohort Learning

Grouped in flexible cohorts, students are provided with opportunities to meet and collaborate in classrooms with their teacher(s) four days per week. The other day of the week students are supported by their parents. Students can do online work from home, may participate in field trips, or do learning in the community with adult mentors, agencies, and businesses with whom parents have made arrangements.

The SAIL Academy STEAM program explores Science, Technology, Engineering and Math through the lens of the arts and design. Students develop a designer and maker mindset through experiences in a Makerspace. In this capacity, there are a variety of tools and projects at all levels and opportunities for students to create, invent and tinker with novel concepts or ideas.

Your child will explore their interests and passions while developing strong social, emotional and cognitive skills while they prepare themselves for our changing world.

Why choose STEAM?

  1. Problem-Based Learning
  2. Teamwork and Leadership
  3. Digital Citizenship
  4. Connecting to Community
  5. Creating and Exploring
  6. Self-Directed Projects
  7. Hands-On Activities
  8. Being Self-Aware

What type of student would enjoy STEAM?

SAIL Academy’s Elementary STEAM program welcomes learners who appreciate hands-on, interdisciplinary curriculum experiences combined with flexible hours and pacing that allows time to explore and access learning through a variety of digital platforms, and to connect to the community in powerful, unique ways.

Students who gain entry in our STEAM program will…

  • Be exposed to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math
  • Develop a keen interest in wanting to understand how things work, and like to build, create or design things
  • Learning through inquiry, experimentation and reflection
  • Gain self Esteem and motivation, to be independent learners in collaborative groups
  • Be able to cooperate with peers for group projects and explorations
  • Learn thrive in a challenging and enriched academic environment
  • Learn to contribute to a positive and respectful classroom and online community
  • Develop sharing strategies and ways to celebrate learning

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